10.368GHz BEACON

Beacon front

Beacon’s front view. The +9dBi linear polarized antenna is connected with a small length of UT-141 and SMA connectors.

The 10.368GHz beacon is based on W1GHZ’s beacon board. It needs an input of 1152MHz which is provided from a small board with a SI4133 RF synthesizer. The synthesizer is fed with a reference of 24MHz from a homebrew OCXO based on an integrated oscillator. The X band output (approximately 5mW at 10.368.135 ±5KHz) is fed to a homebrew +9dBi antenna.  A very handy accessory for the shack and out of it!

Beacon back

Back view. The +12V supply connector and LED are visible. The aluminium plate is also a heatsink for the regulator inside the enclosure.

Beacon internal

Internal View. From top to bottom: Multiplier PCB, RF synthesizer PCB and 24MHz OCXO board. The OCXO is connected with RG-174 cable to the synthesizer.

Beacon 1

The RF synthesizer is visible in this photo. It is connected using a RG-402 semi rigid coax with the multiplier board. The synthesizer’s output is +10dBm at 1152MHz.


Homebrew 24MHz OCXO board with supply regulators. The resistors next to the SMA connector form an attenuator (the oscillator’s output is TTL level , too much for the SI4133)

24MHz OCXO 2

OXCO without the thermal insulation. Above the oscillator is the heating element (a transistor) and thermistor which regulates the temperature. The small metal block is from aluminium and serves as a heat buffer. The final frequency stability at 10GHz is excellent after it heats up (takes about 15min).